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In August 2005, Meggitt PLC acquired UK-based Avery-Hardoll. Its fuelling capabilities were merged with Whittaker Controls in California, a Meggitt group company, to become Meggitt Control Systems.

Meggitt Control Systems has highly experienced sales, marketing and technical personnel located in the US, the UK and Asia. The combined operation is known as a world leader in the development, production and installation of a wide array of ground fuelling products and services.

Whittaker Controls

Whittaker Controls, acquired by Meggitt in 1999, is a market leader in the design and manufacture of a broad range of fluid control devices and systems for commercial and military aircraft, and numerous industrial applications. It has been a signature supplier of these products since its formation in 1942.

The company entered the aviation fuelling industry in 1993 when it acquired Thiem Industries, and has since established itself as the largest provider of ground fuelling products and services in North America for commercial and military aircraft and tanker refuelling. Its products include fuelling nozzles, bottom loading products, hydrant couplers and control valves and the most complete line of underwing nozzles covering equipment for the world's largest commercial airports and small community facilities.

Meggitt Control Systems', previously known as Whittaker Controls' products, are supported globally through an extensive network of stocking distributors.

The company's state-of-the-art in-house test facilities simulate the operating environment of its products to ensure that hardware meets customer quality standards and requirements.


Avery-Hardoll products and services can be traced as far back as 1932. Since then, it has expanded into the design and production of couplings, valves and associated fluid management products and services. While its market share is largely concentrated in Europe, its name is well-known throughout the world.

The company's extensive line of products includes couplings, marine, oil and gas and military use.

News Releases/Announcements

January 4, 2019

Re: Transfer of Ground Fueling Business within Meggitt

Dear Customer,

We’re aware of the operational challenges affecting your ability to acquire our ground fueling products, with communication and on-time delivery being two areas that require significant improvement.

Meggitt aspires to provide world-class customer service, quality and delivery, so, changes to our operating model are required to rectify the challenges and ensure we deliver our aspiration.

We are excited to announce our plan to invest in the ground fueling business and product lines. In January 2019, Meggitt will transfer manufacturing of non-export controlled products from North Hollywood, California to its facility in Xiamen, China (“MXM”). The MXM facility has more than 10 years of experience manufacturing ground fueling products and is dedicated to the energy and equipment sectors, possessing the following industrial certifications: ISO14001, ISO17025, OSHA18001, AS9100, TS16949 and NADCAP.

In line with this change, Customer Support Services will be enhanced in both San Diego, California and at the MXM site. Ultimately, manufacturing of all non-export controlled ground fueling products will be moved to MXM by the end of Q3, 2019. We expect that manufacturing lead times and communication will improve significantly as result of these changes.

As manufacturing reorganization continues, your regular Meggitt point of contact will inform you of any changes in procedures and contact information. Please contact the undersigned if you have any questions. We look forward to our continued partnership.

Sincere regards,

Mike LaPointe

Director, Ground Fueling Sales

Service Bulletin

Hose End Pressure Control Valves

This Service Bulletin addresses the use of Hose End Pressure Control Valves when performing defueling operations.

When being used during pressure assisted de-fueling operations, Hose End Pressure Control Valves must be made inoperative by using a hydraulic (F594), (HUMY 3500-HUMY 3503), (HUMS 4504 - HUMS 4507) or a mechanical lockout device (F595).

A permanent placard has been added to all Whittaker Controls (F595 series) Hose End Control Valves stating "ATTENTION: LOCKOUT DEVICE MUST BE INSTALLED WHEN DEFUELING". We are recommending that this placard be attached to all Whittaker Controls and Avery-Hardoll HECV's. It is available from your local distributor at no charge. Instructions for attaching the placard will be included when you order P/N 2891023-101.

The part number of the mechanical lockout device for the F595 Series is 941020-101 and may be obtained from your local distributor. The hydraulic lockout device for the F594 Series and Avery-Hardoll HECV's may be obtained from Gammon Technical Products (ref: Gammon bulletin #47).

Current Maintenance Manuals may be downloaded from:

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