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Category: Data sheets
Title Description Date Download
CCMY 8600M2 Four inch inline pressure controller with deadman 4/5/2011 CCMY8600M2_4-inch_inline_pressure.pdf
F351, F370, F376 Three, four, and six inch air set pressure control valves 4/5/2011 F351(6-inch)__F370(4-inch)__F376(3-inch).pdf
F354, F355, F387, F390 Air set and spring set by-pass regulators 4/5/2011 F354__F355__F387__F390.pdf
F375, F377, F378 Spring set demand control valve 4/5/2011 F375__F377__F378.pdf
F383, F384, F386, F393 Three and four inch line mounted shut off valve 4/5/2011 F383(3-inch)__F384(4-inch)_F386(3inch)_F393(4inch).pdf
F388, F389, F392 Three, four, and six inch line mounted deadman valves 4/5/2011 F388(4-inch)__F389(3-inch)__F392(6-inch).pdf
F540-1, F540-2, F559 Three and six inch rate-of-flow limiter pilot valve
Emergency overwing fuelling spout
4/5/2011 F540-1__F540-2___F559.pdf
Inline preset valves In-line preset valves 2.5, 3 and 4-inch 4/5/2011 In-line_preset_valves_2.5__3_and_4-inch.pdf