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Category: Data sheets
Title Description Date Download
GBMY 3806M2 1.5-inch sampling vent or drain unit 4/5/2011 GBMY_3806M2_1.5-inch.pdf
F352, F353

Hydrant shutoff valve
F352 AND F353

4/5/2011 F352_and_F353.pdf
F368, F372, F360, F374, F380 Control type valves
Deadman only valves
4/5/2011 F368__F372_control_type_valves_F360__F374_F380.pdf
F554, F571 Air/Fuel sense plug and socket 4/5/2011 F554_and_F571.pdf
PVMY 440-1 Pneumatically actuated pilot valve (With secondary lanyard enclosure) 4/5/2011 PVMY_440-1_pneumatically_actuated_pilot_valve.pdf
PVMY1000M3 Hydrant pit valves 4/5/2011 PVMY1000M3_hydrant_pit_valves.pdf
PVMY2010M3 Hydrant pit valves 9/21/2017 PVMY2010M3_series_hydrant_pit_valves.pdf
BVMY1000 Under-hydrant ball valve 5/1/2018 BVMY1000.pdf
UVMY1000 Under hydrant shut-off valve 4/5/2011 UVMY1000_series_under_hydrant_shut-off_valve.pdf