Meggitt North Hollywood
12838 Saticoy Street
North Hollywood
California 91605-3505
Telephone: (818) 765-8160
FAX: (818) 759-2194

Meggitt Fuelling Products is located in North Hollywood, California, and MXM factory, Xiamen, China. Its state-of-the-art facilities incorporate the highest level of modern technology and experienced personnel.

Our depth of experience and expertise at Meggitt Fuelling Products is unsurpassed in the industry. The company's engineers, most of whom have many years of experience in ground fuelling, provide leading-edge product development and test capabilities. The company has an aggressive R & D program to bring new products to market and improve existing equipment. Recent new product development initiatives have resulted in a new line of industrial couplings.

Our sales and marketing personnel are similarly experienced and highly responsive. Customer support programs include training sessions that can take place at customer locations or our facilities.

Dedicated test facilities for aircraft fuelling components for airport service vehicles, refuellers and over-the-road tankers include a high flow, high pressure test rig (200 psi pressure and 2000 gpm capability) for testing and design work.

Meggitt Fuelling Products has for many years driven its design and manufacturing facilities to perform at world-class levels. Our corporate charter from corporate management requires us to assure compliance with all relevant industry requirements and we have had outstanding success in our efforts to achieve and maintain that level of operational excellence.

Our on-site fuel capabilities are used over a broad spectrum of requirements, including manufacturing, acceptance and qualification tests. Typically we test for:

  • Fuel pressure cycle testing (DAT)
  • Performance
  • Endurance
  • Burst
  • Surge
  • Fire resistance
  • Leakage (internal)
  • Leakage (external)

Typical nominal test capabilities for a three-inch line size cover three areas, while our testing capability expansion is planned so we can go to a nominal 18-inch line size:

  • Static Bench Test for Leakage (100 gpm at 1300 psig)
  • Self-contained Dynamic Test (low flow) (150 gpm at 600 psig)
  • Self-contained Dynamic Test (high flow)
    (300 gpm at 1300 psig and 1800 gpm at 600 psig)

Types of fluids used vary based on application. However, for fire and safety reasons, we use non-flammable mixtures. We will test with actual fuels on as required. The following fluids are used:

  • PD-680
  • TTS 735 Type 1
  • TTS 735 Type 2
  • JP-4/5/6
  • Diesel fuel (all grades)
  • Natural gas (inert mixtures)

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